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The Burney Letter

Volume 9, No 2 (Fall 2003)

"Frances Burney et Joigny" (p. 1-2, 8-9)
Bernard Fleury

"Official Opening of the Burney Centre in October" (p. 1, 4-5)
Peter Sabor

"October Conference in Montreal" (p. 3-4)
Elaine Bander

"Just Published: Vol. 4 of Early Journals and Letters" (p. 5)
Lorna Clark

"UK Branch AGM 2003" (p. 6)
David and Janet Tregear

"Johnsonian News Letter Debut" (p. 6)

"Burney Graves Project Update" (p. 7)

"Members' News" (p. 7)
Lorna Clark

"First Impressions of Evelina" (p. 9)
Shayda McCurdy

"Fanny Burney and Joigny" (p. 10-11)
Bernard Fleury, translated by Lorna Clark

"Book Review: A Known Scribbler: Frances Burney on Literary Life, ed. Justine Crump" (p. 12)
Leslie Robertson

"Book Review: The Witlings and The Woman Hater, ed. Peter Sabor and Geoffrey Sill" (p. 13-14)
Barbara Darby

"Book Review: Fanny Burney: The Mother of English Fiction, by Nigel Nicholson" (p. 14-15)
Lorna Clark


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