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The Burney Journal (ISSN 1480-6320) is the annual journal of the Burney Society. It features texts of addresses given at the society's two major annual meetings, which are held in North America and in the United Kingdom.

The Burney Journal also publishes other papers as space allows. Submissions to the Burney Journal must follow MLA Format and should not exceed 5000 words.

Address e-mail correspondence to Marilyn Francus at

Listing of Issues

Volume 12 (2012)

Volume 11 (2011)

Volume 10 (2010)
Volume 9 (2007)
Volume 8 (2005)
Volume 7 (2004)
Volume 6 (2003)
Volume 5 (2002)
Volume 4 (2001)
Volume 3 (2000)
Volume 2 (1999)
Volume 1 (1998)

Volume 12 (2012)


"Editor's Note"

"Close Encounters: Frances Burney, Actresses, and Models for Female Celebrity"

"Victorine: or, The German Evelina"

"Frances Burney, Elinor Joddrel, and the 'Defiance to All Forms' and 'Antique Prescriptions'" CHRISTINA DAVIDSON

"Frances Burney's French Archive: Insights and Avenues"

"'The Younger Part of our Male as well as Female Readers': Frances Burney and Youth Fiction in Late-Eighteenth-Century England"


Volume 11 (2011)

"Editor’s Note"                


"A Study in Dialogue: Frances Burney Attends Warren Hastings’s Trial"            

LORNA J. CLARK                         

"Evelina, The Wanderer, and Gothic Spatiality: Frances Burney and a Problem of Imagined Community"

ANDREW DICUS            

"London and the Female Bildungsroman: Frances Burney’s Evelina, Cecilia, and The Witlings"


"Declining Buckles and Movable Shoes in Frances Burney’s Cecilia"


"Would it be pleasing to me?: Surveillance and Sexuality in Frances Burney’s Camilla"


"Year in Burney Studies 2010"            



Volume 10 (2010)

“Editor’s Note”                      

Marilyn Francus


“Why Frances Burney ‘Forgets’ Her Foremothers”             

Betty A. Schellenberg


“Male Ambitions and Female Difficulties in 1814: Waverley, Patronage, Mansfield Park, and The Wanderer

Elaine Bander


“Wanderer's End: Understanding Burney's Approach to Endings”

Emily C. Friedman


“Noisy Homes and Stubborn Ears: the Social Significance of Sound in Frances Burney’s Evelina

Elles Smallegoor


“‘Having a Lesson of Attention from Omai’: Frances Burney, Omai the Tahitian, and Eighteenth-Century British Constructions of Racial Difference”

Lori Halvorsen Zerne


“Year in Burney Studies 2007-2009”

Hilary Havens


Volume 9 (2007)

"Pioneer of Pathology"
John Wiltshire

"Burney's Cerbera: Elizabeth Juliana Schwellenberg (1728-1797)"
Mascha Gemmeke

"'The silent observant Miss Fanny': Narrative Position in Burney's Early Journals"
Sara K. Davis

"The Fantastic in the Work of Frances Burney"
Margaret Anne Doody

"Mentorship and Female Subject Formation in Burney's Cecilia and The Wanderer"
Margaret Kathryn Sloan

"Gambling with Virtue: Female Gaming in the Novels of Frances Burney"
Heather Lusty

Volume 8 (2005)

"Burney, Austen, and 'Bad Morality'"
Elaine Bander

"Burney's Cecilia and the Problem of Textual Sonority"
Noelle Chao

"Frances Burney's Anger"
Brian McCrea

"Burney's Enactment of Shakespearean Tragedy in her Novels"
Gefen Bar-On

"Race, Manners, and Satire in Burney's A Busy Day"
Alexander H. Pitofsky

Volume 7 (2004)

"Captain Mirvan and the Politics of Manners in Evelina"
Alexander H. Pitofsky

"Frances Burney and Mary Wollstonecraft: Female Difficulties and Feminism"
Sarah D. Spence

"West End Girl: Fanny Burney on Shaftesbury Avenue"
Ian Kelly

Volume 6 (2003)

"Frances Burney and William Havard's Scanderbeg: An Unidentified Reference in Burney's Journals and Letters"
Robert L. Mack

"Frances Burney and Mme de StaŽl: Female Genius and the Call of Duty"
Mascha Gemmeke

"From the Margins to the Centre: The Spinster as Author, Narrator and Actor"
Lorna J. Clark

"Scissors, Paper, Cloth: A Poor Gentlewoman's Economy of Composition"
Betty Rizzo

Volume 5 (2002)

"Getting Started with Frances Burney"
Michael Wheeler

"A Busy Day in the West End"
Ian Kelly

"Alexandre D'Arblay's Amiable Paean to Heterosexual Masturbation: Les Doigts"
Janice Farrar Thaddeus

"A Review of the Broadview Edition of Evelina"
Lorna Clark

Volume 4 (2001)

"Two Edward Burney Illustrations for Evelina, Known and Unknown"
Hester Davenport

"Mme de StaŽl and Fanny Burney"
Annette Kobak

"Sharpening Cecilia: Frances Burney as Professional Writer"
Janice Farrar Thaddeus

Volume 3 (2000)

"Fanny Burney and The Wanderer"
Kate Chisholm

"Sweet Cecilia and Brown George: Editing Volume 5 of Burney's Early Journals and Letters, 1782-1783"
Stewart Cooke

Volume 2 (1999)

"Financial and Social 'Discrimination' in Frances Burney's Comedies"
Barbara Darby

"Redeeming the Nabob: Frances Burney, Warren Hasting, and the Cultural Construction of India in A Busy Day"
Noel Chevalier

"The McGill Burney Project"
Lars Troide

Volume 1 (1998)

"Miss Somebody: The Diary of Fanny Burney, or A Star is Born"
Judy Simons

"James Burney: A Brief Account"
John Wiltshire

"Annie Raine Ellis, Austin Dobson, and the Rise of Burney Studies"
Peter Sabor

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