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New York 2012

Date: October 3-4, 2012
Place: New York, New York

Held immediately prior to the JASNA New York AGM.

The Burney Society (North America) will hold its 2012 AGM on Thursday, 4 October 2012, from *:30 AM to 5 PM in the historic Evarts Room of the New York City Bar Association on “Clubhouse Row,” 42 West 44th Street, New York:

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 “Love, Money, and the Marketplace in Burney”


Registration: coffee, tea, breads, juices



Keynote address


Professor Nancy E. Johnson (SUNY-New Palz): “Cecilia; or, A Young Philosopher’s Journey into the Smithean Marketplace”  


10:10-10:20 Short Break

Panel 1: Love and the Marketplace

  • Lorna Clark (Carleton College), “Evelina at Court: Financial Realities and Burney’s Court Journals
  • Caitlin Praetorius (Claremont Graduate University), “Evelina’s Perverse Economies: Older Women, Expenditure, and the Body”
  • Alicia Kerfoot (SUNY Brockport), “The ‘spectatress’ or the ‘party engaged’? The Economy of Dance in Frances Burney’s Camilla”  
  • Hilary Havens (McGill University), “Frances Burney’s Cougar Town: Hester Thrale, Madame Duval, and Lady Monckton”  

Lunch at Kellari Taverna, 19 West 44th Street (3 courses, pre-ordered)


Business Meeting


Panel 2: Money Management

  • Sarah Skoronski (McGill University), “‘Sweet powers of kindness and compassion!’...look upon this creature with pity!’: The Economics of Charity and the Madhouse in Frances Burney’s Cecilia
  • Catherine Keohane (Montclair State University), “Creative Accounting: Charity, Consumption, and Debt in Camilla
  • Alexander H. Pitofsky (Appalachian State University), “Burney and the Self-Made Men”
  • Elaine Anderson Phillips (Tennessee State University), “Old Man on a See-Saw: The Older Male Character in Camilla

Coffee and Tea Break


 Panel 3: The Wider Marketplace

  • Leslie Aronson (University of Edinburgh), “The Value of Labor and Free Trade in Frances Burney’s The Wanderer”  
  • Teri Doerksen (Mansfield University), “From the Book Mart to the Marriage Mart: How Illustrations in Burney’s Evelina Sell Both a Book – and a Heroine”  
  • Steven J. Gores (Northern Kentucky University), “Mining History: Burney’s Edwy and Elgiva in the Theatrical Marketplace”  



Berg tour (for those members pre-selected by lot)—meet at the 40th Street entrance to the 42nd Street New York Public Library before 6:30.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Our heartfelt thanks to Nicholas Marricco, of The New York City Bar Association, for waiving any fees for our use of the Evarts Room; to Dr. Isaac Gewirtz, Curator of the Berg Collection, for offering us a private tour of the Berg Collection, and to Conrad Harper, one of our founding patrons, for generously facilitating both accommodations.

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