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Image by: Angel Janer

Date: July 6-7, 2007
Place: Windsor
Venue: The Vicars' Hall, St. George's Chapel

Hester Davenport
"The Windsor Fanny Knew"

Flora Fraser
"Miss Burney, the Princesses and the Claustral Palace"

Jane Roberts
"George III and Queen Charlotte as Collectors and Patrons"

Lars Troide, McGill University
"Fanny's Wonder Years, 1778-86"

Court Journals editing panel

Peter Sabor, McGill University (Chair)
Lorna Clark, Carleton University
Stewart Cooke, Dawson College
Nancy Johnson, State University of New York, New Paltz
Geoffrey Sill, Rutgers University


Marilyn Francus, West Virginia University (Chair)
Mascha Gemmeke, Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald
Tara Ghoshal Wallace, George Washington University
Cathy Parisian

Young Scholars Panel

Fiona Ritchie, McGill University (Chair)
Audrey Bilger, Claremont McKenna College (Respondent)

Emily Friedman, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Life's Endings: Seeking Closure in Burney's Court Diaries"

Joanne Holland, McGill University
"'The poor creature is mad': Frances Burney’s Account of Margaret Nicholson"

Patricia Crown, University of Missouri-Columbia
"'His innumerable as well as beautiful works': The Artist Edward Francis Burney"

Margaret Doody, University of Notre Dame
"Harlequin Fool and Ghostly Father: Burney's Ideas of Comedy and Tragedy"

Burney Society Windsor 2007 Schedule
Burney Society Windsor 2007 Schedule
Download in PDF format

2007 Windsor Burney Conference information
"British Burney Conference 2007"
From The Burney Letter 12.1 (Spring 2006)
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