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Image by: Bryan Scott

Date: October 9-11, 2003
Place: Montreal, Quebec

Keynote Speaker

Ian Kelly
"West End Girl: Burney on Shaftesbury Avenue (A Case Study of an Eighteenth-Century Comedy on the Contemporary Stage)"

1st Paper Session:
"Letters and Journals"

Lorna Clark, Carleton University
"Epistolarity in Frances Burney"

Marilyn Francus, West Virginia University
"'A Baby, however, is always interesting:' Early Childhood as Performance in Frances Burney's Journals and Correspondence"

Peter Sabor, McGill University
"The Madness of George III: Burney's Court Journals as Drama"

Lars Troide, McGill University
"Burney's Early Journals: The Final Act"

Plenary Speaker

Kate Chisholm
"Dramatic Moments: Travails in the Footsteps of Fanny Burney"

2nd Paper Session:
"Dramatic Aspects of Evelina"

Ed Cameron, University of Texas Pan American
"Evelina and the Vapours as Dramatic Performance"

Anja Müller-Muth, Greifswald University
"Tranformations of Theatricality in Frances Burney's Evelina"

Alex Pitofsky, Appalachian State University
"Captain Mirvan and the Politics of Manners in Evelina"

Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, McGill University
"Madame Duval's Minuet: A Performance of French Dance and Fashion in Evelina"

Plenary Speaker

Juliet McMaster, University of Alberta
"Surrealism at the Centre: The Suicide Scene in Cecilia"

3rd Paper Session:
"Hallucination, Embarrassment, Breakdown, Suicide: Drama in the Novels"

Audrey Bilger, Claremont McKenna College
"'The Little Zig-Zags of Embarrassment:' Burney, Austen, and the Comedy of Exposure"

Li-Ching Chen, National University of Kaohsiung
"Hallucinations in Frances Burney's Victims of Ideology"

Victoria Kortes-Papp, Laval University
"Theatrical Camilla"

Louise Slater, Dawson College
"'Some publick exhibition:' Elinor, the Revolutionary Sublime, and French Heroic Suicide; or, The Fishwife in The Wanderer"

4th Paper Session:
"Perfomativity, Theatricality, Unity"

Gefen Bar-On, McGill University
"Othello within Camilla: Tensions between Poetry and Performance on the Eighteenth-Century Stage"

Marcie Frank, Concordia University
"Frances Burney's Comic Theatre of Shame"

Nancy Johnson, State University of New York at New Paltz
"The Drama of Politics and the Politics of Drama"

Brian McCrea, University of Florida
"Frances Burney, Dramatist: The Struggle with Unities"

2003 Montreal Burney Conference report
"The 2003 Montreal Burney Conference"
By Elaine Bander
From The Burney Letter 10.1 (Spring 2004)
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