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Westminster Abbey
Image by: Bruno Girin

Westminster Abbey 2002

Date: June 13, 2002
Place: Westminster Abbey
Purpose: the unveiling and dedication of a memorial to Frances Burney in Poets' Corner

Lars Troide, McGill University
"Joyce Hemlow and The Burney Project"

Leslie Robertson, University of Alberta
"Giving Voice to Nobody: Fanny Burney and the Authority of Authorship in the Early Journals"

Noel Chevalier, University of Regina
"Making a Name for Herself: Reading Burney's Journals and Letters as Literary Product"

Linda Katrizky, University of Florida
"Matter for Comment and Observation: Frances Burney Before Evelina"

Marilyn Francus, West Virginia University
"Erasing the Stepmother Story: Frances Burney and Elizabeth Allen"

Lorna Clark, Ottawa, Canada
"The Family in the Novels and the Novels in the Family: Frances and Sarah Harriet Burney, Sister-Novelists"

Kevin Jordan, University of Florida
"Man of Feeling: From Alexandre d'Arblay's Strength to Albert Harleigh's Weakness"

Justine Crump, Oxford University
"Reading Frances Burney"

Barbara Seeber, Brock University
"Monkeys, Bullfinches, and Dogs in Frances Burney's Fiction"

Helen Cooper, Bournemouth University
"Persuasion and Power: The Significance of the Mentor in Frances Burney's Novels"

Audrey Bilger, Claremont McKenna College
"Burney's Comic Genius"

Alex Pitofsky, Appalachian University
"Retrenchment and Authenticity in Burney's Love and Fashion"

Peter Sabor, Laval University
"Burney's Tragedies: The Last Frontier"

Hester Davenport, Writer
"Fanny Goes Dipping: Evelina Does Not"

Betty Rizzo, City College of New York
"The Trajectory of Romance: Burney and Thrale""

Freya Johnston, Cambridge University
"Johnson, Burney, and Embarrassment"

Francesca Saggini, University della Tuscia
"Miss Ellis and the Actress: For a Theatrical Reading of The Wanderer"

Brian McCrea, University of Florida
"Frances Burney and Professional Men: From Dr. Lyster to Mr. Naird, The Surgeon"

Victoria Kortes-Papp, Laval University
"Real Illness, Now? Or Only a Pretext?: Malady in Frances Burney's Novels"

John Wiltshire, La Trobe University
"The Inimitable Miss Larolles: Burney and Jane Austen"

Images of the memorial window and unveiling ceremony are available to view and order online from

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Further Reading

Westminster Memorial Dedication Programme
Westminster Memorial Dedication Programme
Download in PDF format

Article from the Burney Letter
"Sell-out Crowd for Unveiling of Window"
By Lorna Clark
Originally published in the Burney Letter, 8.2 (Fall 2002)
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Some Remarks on Fanny Burney
"Some Remarks on Fanny Burney"
By Charles Burney
Originally published in the Burney Letter, 8.2 (Fall 2002)
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Abbey Address
"Abbey Address"
By Paula Stepankowsky
Originally published in the Burney Letter, 8.2 (Fall 2002)
Download in PDF format

Article from the Evening Standard
"Recognition for a lost literary voice"
By Kate Chisholm
Originally published in the Evening Standard, June 13, 2002
Download in PDF format

Poets' Corner memorial for Fanny Burney
"Poets' Corner memorial for Fanny Burney"
By Maev Kennedy
Originally published in the Guardian, June 13, 2002
Visit the HTML page

Paying Tribute to a Literary Foremother
"Paying Tribute to a Literary Foremother"
By Audrey Bilger
Originally published in Inside CMC, August 2002
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